Picture of a caticorn, a pink cat with a rainbow colored unicorn horn licking it's paw as site logoAliciaBytes

Behind the scenes of my website

First off, don’t expect this to be a well thought out amazing piece of work. I’m not a web developer, UI or design person, I prefer to stay on the code side on the back end. My website is quirky and imperfect and missing features because of other more important projects. But it’s my little space on the internet. And that’s important. With the internet becoming more and more polluted with ads, walled in communities that lock up information, AI plagiarizing and stealing content, etc. I felt that I need my own place more now.

I had a few goals in mind when creating my website:

Some of the main tools and technologies I use to achieve this are:

You can find the source code for my website over at https://github.com/AliciaBytes/aliciabytes.com.